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L.A.'s (and sometimes Paris') Jeremy Jay is a singer-synther-guitarist-songwriter whose music is supposedly influenced by both Andy Warhol and John Hughes. Talk about two giants of the art world! One did Campbell soup cans, the other did Sixteen Candles. I'm not sure which mattered more.

There's definitely that '80s laid-back pop-wave vibe going on with Jay's music, but his vocals remind me a little of a more modern reference point: Spencer Krug (of Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown). But yeah, this is very synth heavy but not, say, in an '80s New Order sort of way. These synths are just the warm duvet that cozily covers Jay's breezy pop melodies.

For some reason when I listen to this dude, I picture a young Robert Downey Jr. sitting by the pool in sunglasses contemplating his future. (I wonder if he thought, "One day I shall be Iron Man.") Don't ask me why. Anyway, I can go out and get a groove to this. I've been meaning to dust off my old Members Only jacket anyway. Jeremy Jay's debut is out on K Records and Mr. K himself, Calvin Johnson, makes an appearance on drum duty.
Published April 9, 2009



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