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Jesse Ruins are a delicately atmospheric synth duo from Tokyo, Japan. They're very uplifting and grand and cosmic and chill. Come on in and we’ll tell you more about them!

Nobuyuki Sakuma is the primary crafty compositional wizard at work here. Using synths and machines and other plugged-in and programmed things, he creates magical music that conjures up images of unicorns jumping in shallow purple oceans as leprechauns slide across great rainbows in the brilliant, technicolor sky. That’s what I see, anyway. But I’m open to other visions too, man.

Singer Nah contributes to this most magical mood too. Her vocals sound like glitter dust. Glitter dust from a ghost. No. A fairy. Wait. Scratch that. Nah’s vocals sound just like glitter dust from a ghost-fairy. Yes. That’s it. That’s exactly what she sounds like. Wait. No. Forget that one. That one is dumb. I have it. Yes, I have it now. Nah sings softly like a fragile flower bending to sip from a powerful waterfall pouring out over the edge of the galaxy. Boom. That’s it. That’s the one.

Working in the highly competitive “magical synth soundscapes” genre, this band definitely has an M83 type situation going on. They probably get that M83 comparison a lot. Therefore I shall not claim it as my own (and why claim anything for that matter! - I would rather attribute all band traits to other sources! it would allow me more time to polish my monocle! and adjust my top hat!) (and apparently I’m...Mr. Peanut?)

The mighty Captured Tracks (Wild Nothing + Beach Fossils + DIIV to name just the tip of the goodness iceberg over there) put out Jesse Ruins’ latest EP “Dream Analysis.” You should check it out. And go see them play if they ever get over here from Japan. Jesse Ruins is pretty sublime.*

*no. not that sublime. not sublime like “i don’t cry when my dog runs away. i don’t get angry at the bills I have to pay” - and then the beat comes in and he goes --- “I don’t get angry when my mom smokes pot. hits the bottle and goes right for the rock” - and etc. etc. more depressing fun summer song lyrics and etc. and etc.

Published May 1, 2013



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