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...is going to be famous.

Julien Baker is currently a student at Middle Tennessee State (Go Blue Raiders! ←--- my above-and-beyond research) who this year quietly released “Sprained Ankle," her DIY debut album (she sings/plays everything on it) featuring nine achingly beautiful pop folk songs that will not only get in your head but they'll slip under your skin and stay awhile. You will feel it. This I promise you.

And that's why things are no longer so quiet for Julien Baker. Peeps are starting to hear about the secret and many are now putting “Sprained Ankle" on their year-end best albums lists. I'll put it on mine too if I ever get around to writing that.

You can listen to the entire album below and if you like it (you will) maybe consider buying the real thing (because a stream is like dust in the wind, dudes). It was originally self-released but then 6131 Records stepped in to help spread the word.

Also, consider getting into Julien Baker's other band Forrister because they're good too. But that's a discussion for another time. How's next week look for you?

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Published November 29, 2015



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