((Keepaway)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Brooklyn's Keepaway is a trio that plays super catchy lo-fi pop. Their instantly likeable jams could fall somewhere in between Animal Collective and Real Estate.

This music is slightly fuzzy, slightly beach-y, and often comes with a slow psych swirl. So yeah, that's where I came up with those band comparisons (although their label says Black Dice meets Lady Gaga so... trust the label).

What's nice about Keepaway is that they'll also throw in some danceable samples and beats in the background to keep things moving.

Keepaway has recently played a whole bunch of good shows, sharing the stage with some of our new favorites like Tanlines and Light Pollution, to name just a few. And they have an EP out on the exceptional Lefse record label (Neon Indian, The Delta Mirror, Fur). So things are really starting to roll for these three.

Oh yeah, before I leave you, I wanted to mention that I really like Keepaway's Beach Boys harmonies. Harmonies rule. And finally (and then I'm really going to go), I want to state that Keepaway should definitely tour with Girls. Please make it happen. Anyway, expect big things from these guys. Signing off... for now.
Published April 7, 2010



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