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Everyone needs those certain bands in their musical life that exist with the simple and single mission of wanting to rock you out. And instrumental math-metal band Kemman are one of those bands. I don't know much about this hard-hitting vocal-less trio from Chicago, but I do know that when they rev up their riffs and the drummer starts getting all delirious on the rapid rhythmic rumbles, they get pretty damn addictive.

They've got a deep and distorted groove going that makes you want to bang that head of yours almost in spite of yourself. After all, who has really "banged their head" since, well, maybe since hearing Helmet's "Unsung" in the 8th grade?

Start with their song "The Long Rocker" which is pretty much the perfect title for what you'll get. It's long and it rocks, so let's not confuse things with obtuse names, shall we?

Kemman have been compared to The Fucking Champs and Don Caballero (who know a thing or two about obtuse track names), but throw in the sludgy goodness that is Torche, too. Kemman kills it.

(SIDE NOTE: I see in the pic that one of the members wears a White Sox hat... because of that, Kemman has definitely become my favorite band EVER.)
Published January 28, 2009



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