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One day during CMJ 2008, we were standing outside of Cake Shop in NYC catching a quick breath of the rainy October air just as Kirsten Ketsjer took the "stage" inside (the upstairs "stage"). A few minutes into their set, the people huddled outside started forgetting about their precious cigarettes and cell phones and peered through the windows to see who was making that most beautiful noise.

Everyone was like, "Who is this band?!" And we said, "Duh, it's Kristen Ketsjer from Denmark. Uh-duh." (We said this after slyly consulting our concealed guide book, of course).

Kirsten Ketsjer is a band (not a person) featuring singer/drummer Anja Jacobsen and guitarists Andreas Fuhrer and Anders Lauge Meldgaard (they sing too). This band likes to rock out, but not with thunderous riffs, mind you. They rock out using a ton of really nice distortion-free guitar "noodlings" (similar in sound to, say, Foals, who were similar in sound to, say, every Chicago band from the mid-90's).

Kirsten Ketsjer is all about those strange math-rocky rhythms of lore, but with a twist. You see, they're having fun up there and not taking everything so seriously. The trio definitely rides the dynamic drumming and personality of Jacobsen. She's such a smiley punk rocker, and keeps the group from forgetting that this is a party. It's all one very happy rock-out.
Published November 11, 2008



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