((Kitten Berry Crunch)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Here's some deliciously sinful synth-ness. Actually, this isn't sinful at all. In fact, these synthesizers are all very pleasant sounding. To be completely honest, I just liked the sound of the words "sinful" and "synth-ness" together... for that, I apologize.

So Kitten Berry Crunch is a happy synth-pop band (their name alone would probably lead you to that conclusion) led by mastermind Shaun Hettinger. With help from his friends, he creates hyper melodic summertime songs that would be a good accompaniment to whatever it is the kids like to do in summer these days... do the kids still like the water balloons... do the kids still like the Slurpees? Hell, all I know about summer these days is Hawaiian shirt Fridays and bills to be paid.

So anyway, if you like happiness and synthesizers (and drum machines), give Kitten Berry Crunch a whirl... oh wait... I think the actual term is "spin"... I can never keep up with the disc jockey slang terms.

Final point: Kitten Berry Crunch has also done a bunch of good remixes - including a particularly solid one for Jonquil. So check those out, too.

Published June 11, 2012



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