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Brooklyn's Kittens Ablaze (forget about the name for a second) write choruses that one can aptly describe as "rousing." When I listen to these successful six (and specifically the song "This Machine is Dying"), I definitely feel the desire to buy a bunch of whiskey shots for my friends, heartily intertwine arms, and sway the night away while lifting our glasses to the heavens, all for one and one for all. Now that's what I call rousing, especially since I never buy rounds.

So yeah, Kittens Ablaze are a really catchy band featuring the basic rock band set-up (guitars/bass/drums/synths), but they also rock lots of melodic merriment using a cello and a violin. And because of the string section and very sing-able songs, these four dudes and two ladies have often been compared to Ra Ra Riot (Cursive also seems to be mentioned a lot). But I bet Ra Ra Riot doesn't also rock a harmonica, now do they? Bust!

And hey, what's this? Vocalist Tim Spellman actually has a good, you know, voice? Well we've said it before and we'll say it again, a "singer" who can actually sing is a rarity these days, especially one who also has to worry about drumming, so it's nice when you hear one.

Yes, we said "rousing" to begin this profile of Kittens Ablaze, but I think it's perhaps more fitting to end with "joyful." Kittens Ablaze are rousingly joyful. You heard it here.
Published January 28, 2009



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