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Written by Patrick McNamara

Kittyhawk is a band from the Midwest (Chicago) that reminds me of the bands from the Midwest I used to listen to back when I lived there (Chicago) circa 1997. These bands I think I’m thinking of include Rainer Maria (Madison) and Mates of State (Lawrence) and The Anniversary (Lawrence) and Braid (Champaign) and The Promise Ring (Milwaukee) and Seam (and back to Chicago again). Ahh, I remember those wistful backpack wearing days walking with frozen toes under endlessly oppressive grey clouds and worrying about super important stuff like “grades.” Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyway, enough with such nostalgia and back to the present now. Kittyhawk is really good quiet-loud-quiet group of four, led by singer/keyboarder Kate Grube, that make classic indie-emo-pop that often explodes into sweet choruses of jubilant harmonies and gently pleasant distortion. I like it. But remember, I’m predisposed to like Kittyhawk. Because I’ve got the aged syrupy memories to lean on. However, I bet the new kids on the block coming to Kittyhawk with fresh ears and clear eyes and full hearts will like them too. Because with well-constructed quiet-loud-quiet indie-emo-pop songs like this, you just can’t lose.

I certainly don’t mind this sound coming around again - no matter how long its been away. Because I’ll welcome goodness back any old time - whatever the kind. How about you?

Published October 29, 2013



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