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Australia’s Lace Curtain are the trio of Mikey Young, Dave West, and James Vinciguerra - all members of another recent band I like, Total Control (and involved with Eddy Current Suppression Ring too). But Lace Curtain doesn’t sound like Total Control. Nope. This isn’t raucous garage, you see. This is something like post-synth-sci-fi-dark-disco-psych-punk. Maybe that’s too many hyphens and not very helpful to you at all. Probably so. But whatever. Lace Curtain is a good band. That’s what you really need to know. And that knowledge WILL help you. Because listening to good things is the true path to glory. I believe George Washington said that.

Lace Curtain’s pulses and throbs probably veer towards the dark side of the psychedelia color spectrum. But they’re not one of those electronic bands that go for full-on sinister territory (I believe this territory is called GothWoodLand?). The vocals and melodies are too smooth for such faux scariness to be the pervading vibe. Lace Curtain’s jams may be mellow, and maybe even a little brooding at times, but they can just as easily be enjoyed while relaxing at a chilly beach, as they can be enjoyed while, say, chilling under a dark bridge with some bats or something.

Though a new band (relatively speaking - but isn’t it all, dear Rockness reader - isn’t it all?), Lace Curtain already has two EPs out, both released within three months of each other. One EP for DFA. One EP for Mexican Summer. Thems the rules. What good label will release their next EP, nobody knows! They’ve been touring at a pretty good clip too. They’ve already been around these parts once. Did you miss ‘em? Well then, they better come ‘round here again and quick. It’s not like it’s THAT far of a commute. Lace Curtain only has to travel from the other side of the world.

Below is probably the band’s best (and most recent) song to date. Listen to it. You may be falling as you get into this synth-y goodness. But at least you’ll enjoy the long, breezy ride down. Falling is easy. It’s the landing that’s often difficult. Thankfully, Lace Curtain isn’t at all concerned about that.

Published July 17, 2013



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