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Written by Patrick McNamara

Dear You,

Leave the Planet is a dream pop duo from London (Nathalie Bruno + Jack Milwaukee) that are set to play their first US shows this February (this information almost immediately making the band profile outdated but no matter). So now is your chance to get in on this goodness on the ground floor, guys. .

The two (he’s Italian - she’s not) share mutual appreciation for bands like Slowdive, Felt, and Field Mice and you can hear all those influences if you listen to them and I trust you will otherwise why are we even having this conversation. Think gentle haze gaze that steadily seduces you with its warm pop chill. Or, just think Slowdive and Felt and Field Mice if that’s better for you. I'm just trying to get you to press play. I don't care how you get there.

The band has released three good songs via the World Wide IntraSphere (the first of which is a Galaxie 500 cover) and I will post them below immediately below this dynamic band profile for you. Please let me know if you like them in the comments section this site has thankfully never had.

Yer Pal,

Oh My Rockness

Published January 26, 2015



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