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You know one of those bands that you're just sure is going to "make it" (whatever that means, but if we're honest with each other we both know what that means) and then don't? For me, The XYZ Affair was one of those bands. I always thought they wrote power-pop hooks that were as catchy as any Rivers Cuomo ever did (am I tossing around hyperbole there? perhaps.... perhaps not.... ). But for whatever reason, that band didn't find a sustainable audience.

Luckily though, frontman Alex Feder is still making music (and I'm not even talking about his gig as a touring musician for a massive world famous pop star either - look it up). Feder's newest project is Leonard Friend. Feder is Friend. Friend is Feder.

Using the same amazing tenor you came to love when he was in The XYZ Affair (oh wait, you didn't love them - see my point above - but it's never too late to go back and check them out, guys! it'll be, like, how Van Gogh was never appreciated in his lifetime- am I tossing hyperbole? perhaps.... perhaps not.... ), Leonard Friend is seductive synth-pop. It's polished and poppy and good for naked necking or whatever it is the kids do these days (we hear "sexting" is a new popular activity involving technology).

Perhaps a Chad Valley or a Twin Shadow could be apt comparisons to Leonard Friend. Or, you know, Michael Jackson. It's definitely not power-pop like XYZ though. Just in case you were expecting that. But you weren't expecting that BECAUSE YOU NEVER GAVE THAT BAND ITS DUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I digress. Consider getting into Leonard Friend if you like sexy electro jams like I like sexy electro jams. And then consider seeing Leonard Friend play these jams live. That will give you the opportunity to apologize to Feder in person for neglecting his previous band, The XYZ AFFAIR. Shame. Shame. Shame. (It's ok. It happens.)

Published November 14, 2012



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