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Les Georges Leningrad

photo courtesy of punkcast.com
The sounds that this band emits are horrid... absolutely, unequivocally horrid. And they know it. Les Georges Leningrad shares a city (Montreal) and a label (Alien8) with The Unicorns, but that tells you nothing of their sound. Frankly, nothing is a good indicator of their sound since said sound is so completely ridiculous and absurd that there's simply no track record.

Perhaps Les Georges Leningrad aspire to be the Dadaists of the indie rock world -- they deconstruct notes without bothering to even attempt to put them together again. And really, this is more art than rock. They want the audience to delight in their mischievous deeds, but it seems only two responses to their yelping, warbles, whinings and high-pitched experimental squeals are appropriate. This stuff is either really funny or completely repelling. I guess it depends on your ability to look past pretension. Personally I don't play this on my stereo, but then again, I'm not into razors cutting eyeballs either. So what do I know.
Published March 7, 2005



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