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What's stronger than plutonium and has enough power to propel you back to the future? A destructive band from Rhode Island. Lightning Bolt are a two-member volatile-noise orgy sound attack from the urban streets of Providence. They are brutal.

Lightning Bolt refuse to play on a stage at any venue. Normally, they'll play on the floor in back of the venue AFTER the headliner is finishing their second encore. Everyone crowds around them to see the unexpected fury, most having no idea they were even setting up. Then things get real crazy.

It's almost soothing to have beats and riffs drilled into your head for forty-five minutes. Drummer/vocalist Brian Chippendale "sings" with the microphone in his mouth. Not near his mouth, IN his mouth. And only Zach Hill from Hella and Damon Che from Don Caballero rival this guy's skins skills.

Not only are they loud, but Lightning Bolt got the funk in them, too. Not George Clinton funk, like Melt Banana noise funk. This is mostly thanks to Brian Gibson's frenetic bass lines -- swooping in like a vulture and adding fury to the sonic assault. Lighnting Bolt are serious badasses, even if they are from Rhode Island.
Published April 22, 2009



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