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Little Big League

Written by Patrick McNamara

I recently wrote a profile on Philadelphia's Japanese Breakfast. It's really great. You should read it at your earliest convenience. But anyway, JB is the latest pop project of Michelle Zauner. Zauner also fronts another band. They're called Little Big League... and so begins that band's really great profile.

Little Big League (Michelle + Deven + Kevin + Ian) has been around the block a bit (they've released a bunch of stuff since forming in 2011 A.D.) but I'm just getting around to writing about them now in 2016 A.D. I'm sorry I slept on them for so long. Please tell me not my faults for I already know them.

But even though this band has already put out two full-length albums (the last released wayyyyy back in 2014 A.D. on Run For Cover Records so they're probably overdue for a third by this point, right?) they're new to me and I like them a lot and if you don't already like them a lot they can be a new crush for you too. Please remember the Golden Rule here at Oh My Rockness: it's never EVER too late to get into somebody great.™

Now, I don't believe in attaching “labels" in order to conveniently describe a band's nuanced sound but I guess I'll make an exception today. Here are some free labels ------> Indie. Emo. Pop. Punk. Please peel any of those off and attach to Little Big League at will. Or, feel free to come up with your own. Either way. It's all fine. It's only rock 'n' roll.

As of this writing (10:41 am in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) the band hasn't played a live show since 2014 A.D. (their last show in NYC was with LVL UP + eskimeaux + Frankie Cosmos if you must know). However, history's gonna change because 2016 A.D. sees Little Big League out and about and playing shows again (their recent welcome back show in Philly was with Cayetana if you must know). Hooray!

Does this mean a new full-length album is also in store? I don't know. That would require "research" and haha (!) I don't do "that." Which makes it all the more remarkable how really great these band profiles turn out. It takes #heart.

In the meantime, please delight in streaming their album "Tropical Jinx" from 2014 A.D. directly below these really great words.

In summation, I'm sorry (not sorry) I'm just getting into Little Big League now but every day I'm thankful it's never too late to get into somebody great.

Published February 22, 2016



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