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Low Fat Getting High

Written by Patrick McNamara

Brooklyn’s Low Fat Getting High are a loud band from Brooklyn that wants to blitz YOUR FACE. They perhaps explain their own sound best as “post-noise-grunge-core-shredding.” This band is a beast and with a self-description like that, I do believe I’ve found my spirit animal (hyphens and band descriptions and I go wayyyy back).

This is raw and raspy sludge boom goodness. Synth-pop, ‘tis not. Dance-wave? Oh, behave! This is decibel destruction, my brother! If you want a band that gets after it and lets it rip (“it” = undefined but known when heard), Low Fat Getting High just might be the band for you. If you like a kind of hush all over the world tonight, stay away and instead curl up with a good book and The Best of Herman’s Hermits. Sometimes that’s fun too.

Low Fat Getting High should/could/may appeal to fans of some of our other recent band favorites, including Metz + Roomrunner + Big Ups + Greys + Heeney + then like, The Jesus Lizard and maybe “Rusty Cage” era Soundgarden and SOME of the songs they used to play on the jukebox at this blown-out (sometimes) bro’d-out pool hall I used to go to back in 1997. Don’t know why I spent so much time there. I just hadn’t found my way yet, that’s all.

Now here’s a fact that you already know. There’s a VERY clear line between good post-noise-grunge-core-shredding and terrible post-noise-grunge-core-shredding (line undefinable but known when heard). Low Fat Getting High do good post-noise-grunge-core-shredding. The kind of post-noise-grunge-core-shredding that the Army or Navy uses in its commercial to “pump you up” to volunteer for war? That’s the terrible kind. Boy, is it ever. This ain’t that.

Published August 6, 2013



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