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Written by Patrick McNamara

Lurve these guys. No, seriously. I do. Not just saying that because I wanted to start this band profile with a play on their already playful name. You’ll just have to trust me and my good intentions. Like how that princess trusted Aladdin (to take her on a.... wait.... a flying carpet ride?!?! that girl was nuts to go with that bro - and relax everyone i happened to catch it on the television box set this morning which is why i’m thinking about it now and don’t tell me my dated references for I already know them).

I don’t know much more about Lurve. Except that I lurve the few songs I’ve heard from them. But how much more do you need than that to fall in lurve? Successful sixty year marriages have started with less (one good suit and the cost of a telegram... probably).

OK. Enough diddling around. I’ve put in some more work and can now tell you some other things about this band. Lurve is a trio (days of research in the dark stacks of the New York Public Library taught me that) from Brooklyn (Suri) that play fuzzy, indiepop power punk. The three dudes used to be in some hardcore bands. But this is not hardcore. This is noisy and distorted and fast and fun and has happy guitar solos and it’s just really, really catchy (my ears taught me that) and good. You know what? It’s catchy goodness, is what it is.

Uh-oh. You know what happens when the catchy goodness happens, right? Yup. Lurve ‘bouts to blows up! (probably! who knows! the gods can be fickle at times!) I wouldn’t bet against it. Slumberland should sign these guys. Or, maybe Fat Possum. Or, Frenchkiss. Or, maybe I should mind my own business. And stick to what I know. Like how to go and make myself another perfect bowl of cereal (the milk should be tasted, not seen).

Anyway, I hope you will play these two Lurve songs I’ve conveniently embedded for you below (it took many tireless and toilful seconds). Because I think you’ll hear their catchy goodness too. We’re so similar like that. And then you might lurve them too. And we can all lurve Lurve and lurve each other. (That’s the way it works when you both lurve the same band, right? I’m positive it is. What time are you picking me up?)

Post Script: I wonder if The Hugeness will come knocking for Lurve’s catchy goodness. The elements are there. I guess only the gods know, for sure. But those gods.... those gods can be fickle... at times.

Published June 19, 2013



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