((Magic Kids)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Alejandra Sabillon
OOOOOHHHH. LAAH. LAH. Now this is FER REALZ power pop. You know, the FER REALZ power pop of, say, the '70s. Big Star power pop. Cheap Trick power pop. Even Badfinger power pop. We're not talking Weezer big production power pop. Or Miley "even I sound good in the studio" Cyrus power pop. We're talking about the FER REALZ power pop that's made with brightly strummed guitars offset by crystal clear vocals.

There's a purity to FER REALZ power pop and Memphis' Magic Kids have captured that purity. Their music sounds just like the sun. Yes, this sounds like the sun as it reflects off the dew drop resting on a brilliantly green leaf. Magic Kids sound just like that.

These songs are so snappy and happy and, well, everyone knows that snappy and happy are two other things that go into FER REALZ power pop. If you don't like this band, you were never loved as a child. Oh, and Magic Kids don't sound like The Beach Boys.
Published August 25, 2010



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