((Magic Man)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

We really like Boston's Magic Man. As you know (if you know me, which I think you do, considering I invited you over for New Year's Eve and you regretfully declined though Kenny said he saw you later over at Bruce's house and how could you do that to us after everything we've done for you?!), we really like electro. And we especially like super poppy electro.

And the two guys in Magic Man come hard with those synth-y melodies that make you want to duct tape all your cares and burdens to the back of a kite and fly that kite high up into the perfectly blue sky where that kite will soar with the clouds and the eagles. In other words, Magic Man is uplifting.

Check out their extremely solid release on Arcade Sound Ltd. (home to other exceptional electro guys like MillionYoung + Teen Daze + Memoryhouse). And be sure to see them play if you feel like listening to choruses that will set you free from the chains of uninspired pop.
Published January 5, 2011



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