((Mathemagic)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Ontario's Mathemagic is Evan and Dylan Euteneier (they're bros) and Karen Jacobs. Together, these three create brightly blissed out synth jams that are swirly and hazy and reverb-y. Throw in dreamy too!

And you're already thinking it, so why don't I say it? Mathemagic will appeal to you if you like bands like Toro y Moi, Memoryhouse, Wild Nothing and any of those other popular laptop pop bands that like their songs to go all shimmery and shiny and... dreamy.

Yeah, we'll admit that there have been a lot of those groups lately. And perhaps you've had enough of this sound. But not us. We're always a sucker for any sound that's shimmery and shiny... the more bands like Mathemagic, the better.

This band's music makes us feel like we just had a shot of really good bourbon. Not two shots, not three shots... one shot. You know what I mean... that nice warm feeling when everything gets all... well... blissful for just a little bit (i.e. those 5-10 minutes before we just get sleepy).

Yep, Mathemagic's dreamy jams are like one sensible shot of good bourbon. We wish that feeling could last forever.
Published October 13, 2010



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