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Written by Patrick McNamara

Santa Ana, CA's Media Jeweler is a band of four dudes playing sprawling joyous (post) _______ punk pop that swoops, slides and dives all over the place. And the rhythm wreckage is a nothing more than a goddamn delight. It is made by guitars and drums and trombones.

The band will release their debut album “$99 R/T Hawaii" on August, 14th, 2015 A.D. and besides that great name for an album (Bing it), it also happens to be really good. It's interesting that it was recorded by the same guys who worked with Battles because when I first listened to Media Jeweler I thought they sounded a lot like Battles - a band I really like a lot. You'll just have to believe me. (It was also mastered by the fine folks behind Liars, another good band, but that's neither here nor there.)

Media Jeweler have played a bunch of shows, many of them in and around LA, at fine places like The Smell (a lot) + The Echo + Pehrspace and have played dates with good bands like Girlpool + Heathers + Pere Ubu. But they have also toured and played places like Shea Stadium in Brooklyn. I hope these #facts help you in some way, although I'm not really sure how.

You want to just listen to a really good song instead of reading more of my words? OK. I can hardly blame you. I understand. Really good song provided below. Please blast it and watch your mood almost instantly improve.

File Under: happy horns

RIYL: angular, motherfucker. anguLAR

Published July 13, 2015



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