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Ontario's Memoryhouse is the duo of Denise Nouvion (vocals) and Evan Abeele (hit maker). Together, they create slow, ethereal dream-pop ambience that makes for a perfect soundtrack should you find yourself drifting out to sea on a cushy rubber raft.

I mean, drifting out to sea on a raft (cushy or not cushy) would probably totally suck. But if you had to do it, and you had an iPod (actually this is best listened to on a turntable, but a turntable on a raft at sea isn't a very realistic scenario, now is it), Memoryhouse's mellow hazy swirl will surely help you navigate the waves and keep your mind relaxed.

It's all about pretty textures and lush layers with this band. It's kind of like classical-gaze. Yeah, that's it; classical-gaze. So maybe think Grizzly Bear (whom Memoryhouse has covered) meets a way more mellow Black Tambourine or something. Maybe they're like Washed Out and Small Black and all those other beach-y bands. Maybe they're just Memoryhouse.

As of this writing (2 B.C.), the band is on a long tour with the similar sounding (and similarly exceptional) band, Twin Sister. You should check out that tour. Anyway, this is a good band to drift out to sea to...if you had to do it.
Published July 8, 2010



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