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Tampa's Merchandise is a band whose members all have strong roots in the punk/hardcore community. But punk/hardcore isn't the music this trio are making these days. No. Merchandise (currently) plays something that's like shoegaze surf-synth-pop ----- but this is all done in a post-punk-meets-new-wave kind of way.

Got all that? Good. Because I don't. Why do we have to define everything, mannnnn! And put labels on things and boxes around things, mannnnn! And actually, Merchandise constantly changes their sound from one moment to the next. So you couldn't even pin them down if you tried. Merchandise are too fast for your pigeonhole, mannnnn!

How about we just say that Merchandise is a band that makes really good jams. Could we do that? And right now this band seems most interested in making jams that are super melodic in that noisy, swirly sort of way... whatever that means.

You know what? Just go listen to their recent track "Time" and you'll see what I mean (don't you hear a little Real Estate in that riff? Oops, just did the band comparison thing). And then check out their fantastic new album "Children of Desire" and get confused again... because that record is all over the sound map. In closing another brilliant band profile, Merchandise should tour with Cold Cave (oops, just did it again).

Published June 11, 2012



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