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We enter shows well in advance here at Oh My Rockness. As soon as the venues list them, we list them. But Miike Snow's shows take the cake for "advance warning." On his upcoming 2010 tour, Miike Snow's shows were confirmed like nine months before they were to actually take the stage. What is this, Pavement?

We were all, like, "Who the hell is Miike Snow and why do people need to buy tickets so far ahead of time?" So we did some digging and listening and the first thing we realized is that Miike Snow is a little trickster. You see, Miike Snow isn't a man. Miike Snow is a band! Ohhhhh, so this is like a Milli Vanilli thing, is it?

Listen, Mr. Snow... or should I say Mr. Andrew Wyatt and your beat-making production team of Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg (they've written hits for Britney Spears and J-Lo... serious!)... no one around here likes tricksters. Trixter, on the other hand, had a good jam with "Surrender."

Apparently, you have your own jam on your hands with a song called "Animal." Miike Snow the band's (from Sweden, nonetheless) hit jam "Animal" was played on "Gossip Girl!" Not that we watch that show. Why would we watch "Gossip Girl" when it conflicts with '80s re-runs of Supermarket Sweep on the Gameshow Network? "No, you idiots! Don't go for the diapers! Go for the hams! The hams, I tell you!"

So who does Miike Snow sound like? Well if you don't know by now, it's probably too late to fall in love with them, because all those upcoming shows of his --- sorry, of "theirs" ---- are most likely sold out. And if you know what Miike Snow sounds like, why are you reading this bad band profile? You should be popping out to their hit jamz. (PS. If you really want to know, Miike Snow sound like catchy popster hit makers.)

Published December 2, 2009



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