((MINOT)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara


Oakland’s MINOT is a (relatively) new band comprised of Matthew Solberg (guitars/samples) + Ben Thorne (bass) + Shannon Corr (drums + drum synth). Matthew was partially responsible for the excellent band From Monument to Masses (RIP) that straight shredded and should have been considered one of the best instrumental math-rock bands of the ‘00s by everyone because they were considered that by me. Oh well. At least I got to see them live a couple times.

Good bands die. Good bands are born. Forever and Ever. Amen. And now I have a new front running favorite for best instrumental math-rock band of the ‘10s. MINOT straight shred too. Think heavy, pretty, swirling, cathartic, epic, anthemic rock that dips and dives before veering up and soaring towards something resembling musical transcendence. Nobody needs to sing any words telling you how to get to this higher plane either, man. The explosive sounds shall lead the way.

MINOT have released a 7” and an EP. And their debut full-length album comes out this July on The Mylene Sheath. I’ve heard it. Does it straight shred? Yes, Virginia. It straight shreds. I’m blasting it right now and hope one day soon you’ll be able to join me in blasting it too. Because I hope only good things for you.

Finally. If everyone doesn’t consider MINOT band to be one of the best new instrumental math-rock bands of the ‘10s then forget it. Whoa My Blobness is done. I quit.

Just kidding. How can I quit when there is music like this?

Published May 12, 2014



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