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Mister Heavenly is Nick Thorburn (The Unicorns/Islands) + Ryan Kattner (Man Man) + Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse). Now if it's ok with everyone, I'm not going to call Mister Heavenly a supergroup. Is that cool? Ok, great.

So what are these three mortal men all about? Glad you asked. Mister Heavenly plays dirty bounce pop. What is bounce pop? I don't know. But I'm going to do my best to make that a real thing. What makes this music dirty? The guitars sound like they aren't clean. That's what makes it dirty.

By the way, Michael Cera (you know, the actor) was the touring bass member of this band for a while. Does that fact make you want to like Mister Heavenly more or less? The same, you say? Because you haven't yet heard Mister Heavenly, you say? Well, what are you waiting for? Get listening because this band profile is going nowhere!

(BTW, you can get Mister Heavenly's debut record on super little-known label, Sub Pop. Man, SO many new record labels popping up these days... who can keep track of them all.)

Published November 30, 2011



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