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Why, MNDR (pronounced Man Dar) could stand for anything! Could it be Mistress New Disco Rocker? I guess I could do some research and try to find out what MNDR stands for, but 1.) I'm too lazy and 2.) I don't really care. I guess those 2 points are sort of the same point, maybe.

Anyway, what's MNDR all about? It's about NYC's (via LA, via SF) Amanda Warner singing and rapping and making the big time dance beats using some advanced synth tricks, that's what it's about!

Call this gadget-rock. Call it PC-techno-pop. Call it future-blip-core. Call it an electro-geek out. Call it Mistress New Disco Rocker. Call it whatever! But just call it only after you see MNDR in action. You'll have a GOOD time. Why is GOOD all in caps? Because our HAND SLIPPED.

A few more fun facts: MNDR has recently played shows with Neon Indian and Javelin and These Are Powers. And word on the street is she also designed and programmed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' touring keyboard rig. What's, like, a rig? Is that, like, a download? But enough writing, we're going to crunk this MNDR UP! (Maybe it's My Notes Do Rule?)

Published December 16, 2009



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