((Monotonix)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Tel Aviv's Monotonix are a punk trio that likes to set fires, hang from ceiling lights, spit and throw beer at fans and friends, and just generally get all "crazy" from the floor during their sets. They are one of those bands.

This is sweaty and raucous rock that's virtually impossible to feel indifferent about. Either you will thank the rock gods for bringing you the riffs and antics that Monotonix bring to every performance, or you will laugh that rockers still think it's fun to set fires and spit and do the splits and such (ok, I don't know if they do the splits on stage, but they should).

But no matter what your opinion of Monotonix may be after a listen, you're guaranteed to feel some type of glee after watching them perform. And when was the last time you came home from a show and said, "Well, that was gleeful." For fans of Wolfmother, Early Man and every other band that sort of sounds like Led Zeppelin.
Published August 13, 2008



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