((Mood Rings)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Mood Rings are a lo-fi-dream-pop-psych-shoegaze band (sorry for all the hyphens, but it had to be done) that play warm and swirly jams. These jams will most likely make you feel less stressed out. Their easy-going haze and chilled-out ways will convince you that everything will be OK and if things won't be OK then oh well, because there is nothing you can do about it anyway. Might as well get wasted and listen to some good jams, right?

These songs often like to take their time to get to where they're going. But in this case, going slow is exactly what you want. Because it's not about the destination with Mood Rings - it's about the journey, man.

One thought: these guys should really tour with another one of my recent favs, Whirr, because that would be a perfect 1-2 line-up punch (just throwing that out there).

Mood Rings are prepping their debut full-length and though I haven't heard it, I fully expect it to rule. Call me an optimist. Because the future will work out. And if it doesn't. Oh well. Whattya gonna do?

Published September 27, 2012



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