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Neighbors are a wonderfully melodic pop band led by Noah Stitelman (and 5 or 6 other members? I shall never know). Stitelman writes beautifully sparse-ish pop songs that are neither overly happy nor intensely melancholic. Instead, Neighbors' emotive and completely singable songs settle somewhere in between those two feelings - and sometimes being in the middle of happy and melancholic is exactly where you want your music to be.

It's not easy to compare Neighbors to other bands because no other band sounds exactly like these guys. But the comparison game is one I like to play nonetheless. It's a sickness or something. So here are some artists: Simon and Garfunkel (not really, except one song), Belle and Sebastian (but not as precious), Rogue Wave (shared a producer), Palaxy Tracks (they were underrated), old Jason Falkner (get into him) and Beirut (I'm not sure about this one).

Now again, Neighbors doesn't REALLY sound like any of these bands. Neighbors do sound like a little bit of all them though. And all I'm trying to do here is to give you guys a taste... that's all I ever want to do. So for the full feast I suggest going to see Neighbors play. Or, go listen to their latest EP via their bandcamp page. You can go ahead and do that now if you want, actually. We'll wait right here. We're not worried about what your reaction will be when you come back. We're not worried at all.

Published July 26, 2012



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