((New Moods)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

New Moods is a Brooklyn trio featuring Melati Malay (Young Magic) + Billy Jones (Other Passengers + Pianos maestro) + Sean Maffucci. Together, they make super catchy noir-ish electronic pop that is like an '80s version of... wait, I lost my train of thought. I was busy banging my index fingers on my desk to New Moods's big beats and got too absorbed in my own private rock out to think of comparisons.

And anyway, who can think of words when this band's pimp grooves are pumping out of your speakers? During New Mood's best jam, "Playtime," I even busted out a few robot moves... to the horror of my neighbors across the way. Whatever. They just don't understand what dark and catchy dance music can do to a person. Or maybe they take issue with me doing the robot without any clothes on. Hard to say.

But moving on, where was I? Oh yeah, New Moods is like an '80s version of... ugh! My fingers are drumming again! My body is mechanically moving! It's not me! It just happens! Boy, I better turn off the New Moods jams. I've got work to do. I also better find some pants. The neighbors appear to be dialing the authorities.

Published December 14, 2011



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