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Written by Patrick McNamara

East London’s Night Flowers are a new band of five (Zeb! Chris! Sam! Greg! Hester! They are brother and sister! Greg and Hester, I mean!) that play pretty perfect jingle-jangle indie dream pop. Blast these guys and you’ll start to feel better about things. And if you were already in a good mood before you listened to Night Flowers - congratulations - is your inherent cheery disposition because you have, like, better gut flora than the rest of us or something?)

(if i hear one more thing about gut flora...bam zoom boom...straight to the MOON)

If you like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart you’ll be apt to like Night Flowers (you might even decide you want to start saying the word “apt” more - i don’t know why you would want to do that - but i don’t know why i just did it either - the word apt moves in mysterious ways.) Night Flowers have a similar sweet rock out vibe as The Pains. And Greg’s vocals sure sound like The Pains’ Kip Berman sometimes.

But it’s not just about Greg! Greg! Greg! Hester sings too. Her and her brother trade-off and harmonize extremely pleasantly and it gives hope that siblings can work on something creatively together without wanting to strangle the other by their mic cord. Maybe all that still happens “behind the scenes.”

I’m quite sure, though, that it is Zeb! Chris! and Sam! that keep this band flowing so smoothly. Because I didn’t want to leave those lads out of things. Hey. They may not be dueling vocalist siblings, but they manage just fine thank you very much.

Below is a very good Night Flowers song I took the trouble of copying and pasting for you. It’s called “Embers.” And it’s a three-minute (to the second) pop delight. It reminds me of a “best day ever” montage. And it would star you and me. The beach would probably be involved. Perhaps we would be jumping in the waves. Maybe we'd prowl the boardwalk and share something sweet and delicious. There would be laughing, too. Lots and lots of laughing. And then after all our fun and games and congenial mischief, the sun would set, a fire pit would be built, and the beautiful sunset would settle both of us down...while we looked up at the night sky...and considered the stars.

Something like that anyway….

Published February 17, 2014



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