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Nodzzz is a trio from the Bay Area. Maybe that explains the three Zs. Anyway, this happy band plays short (like ninety-seconds short) and fuzzy guitar songs that somehow sound clean. Clean means no distortion, right? And distortion is fuzzy, correct? Yeah I don't get it either, but I'm sticking with my guns and saying Nodzzz sounds clean. Even if they are kind of lo-fi.

Nodzzz can also can be classified as "eccentro-pop," which is a genre that doesn't exist anywhere but in my own mind. And that's not a place most people want to be. Except maybe Nodzzz? Oh, who knows. Yoinks! Violent Femmes was eccentro-pop. They WAS CRAZZZZY! So were The Feelies, I guess. And a lot of those What's Your Rupture? bands like Tyvek and cause-coMOTION! (although WYR's Fucked Up is definitely NOT eccentro-pop).

Anyway, as of this writing, the band is playing a bunch of dates with The Soft Pack, but they've played with TONS of other good bands including Vivian Girls, Wavves, Zola Jesus, Woods and Blank Dogs to name but a random few.

So if you like short, fuzzy and kind of crazy songs that sound clean, then this is the band for you. And if you like all those requirements in a band, and only those requirements will do, then Nodzzz will be the ONLY band for you. Ever.
Published March 18, 2010



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