((Nudes)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Nudes is three dudes (Stu + Saam + Sion) from Cardiff and London that play fuzzy crunchy hyper melodic punk rock. Their label (Barely Regal Records) says they sound like Rites of Spring + Husker Du + Sonic Youth + Meneguar (holy shit, I totally forgot about that band but can you blame me I wrote that profile 9 years ago) however I say they sound like…... hmmm…. actually, throw in a Dinosaur Jr. reference and maybe even a Party of Helicopters mention (does anyone remember that band, too bad, they ruled, but it's never too late) and we're pretty much golden with the band comparisons game.

I don't think Nudes has ever toured the US before (my records say no, however this band Standing Nudes did play here back in 2007 if that information interests you) but they should because they're good and, selfishly, I like going to see good bands. It's what makes me unique. So somebody bring these guys over and do it soon because they're releasing their first full-length soon (it's called “Nudes") and the timing would be pretty much perfect. But I'm no booker. I just blob here.

Speaking of that full-length debut, you can stream a song from it below. It's called “Constant Summer" and I really like it. That's why I wrote this nice profile on Nudes. Nobody asked me to or anything. I just did it.

Published September 20, 2015



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