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Simon Birk
When I first listened to Oh No Ono I thought, "Wow this band sounds a lot like Mew." And then I learned they were from Denmark and I was all like, "Ohhh that explains it!" Isn't it funny when bands from the same location start to mimic each other? What's that all about really? Is it intentional or some sort of zeitgeist subconscious thing? But, of course, this is a long and involved pseudo-intellectual socio-philosophical discussion for another time (like when you and I are both bored to tears and have a few hundred hours to kill).

So going back to where we began, Oh No Ono sounds a lot like Mew; especially the precious elfin vocals we all know and love. Careful now, an ewok riding a unicorn is going to jump out at you from the dense forest at any moment! Oh wait no, that's just the big chorus kicking in. My bad.

Does this description of Oh No Ono sound derogatory? If so, allow me to step back and say I am a big fan of Mew and I do happen to like what I've heard of Oh No Ono. Besides the aforementioned vocals, they've got those grand, swelling melodies that are filled out with lots of pretty strings and things. It's all very epic in its popness! And you'd be crazy not to like epic pop! Right? You'd also be crazy to NOT believe in magic fairy dust. I've been sprinkled with it. It's real and it's spectacular. I should go to Denmark some day.
Published December 9, 2009



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