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Written by Patrick McNamara

ONWE is the pretty pop project of David Welles, a former male model and current good songwriter. He lives in Bushwick and takes big part in that quiet bedroom community’s cyberpunx scene but also dabbles occasionally in normcore to remind Bushwick that even though he’s a former male model he is still a real person with real worries, hopes, and dreams.

My current favorite ONWE song is called “Goo Goo Ga Ga Love.” I’ll post it for you in a minute but what I like most about this song is how it makes me feel like a big baby for loving so hard sometimes. I also like to play it when I can’t sleep through the night. It's comforting, you know?

There’s a couple of other good ONWE songs you should know about. One is called “Unpaid Internship” and I really connect with it because I had one of those once and it really got me to where I am today (my bedroom). The other ONWE song you should cuddle up to is called “jk bb” which is a statement song against vowels. Look for both on Capitalist Records.

ONWE plays a bunch (we listed 28 shows for ONWE in 2014 alone and that’s an honest to blobness #fact) but he should tour with somebody like Mac DeMarco and/or somebody like Wild Nothing sometime because it would be a pretty good sound pairing and I bet neither has ever shared the stage with a former male model before.

Here’s that song I promised you. And a couple more too. Because I luv u, bb bae bae boo boo.

Published December 8, 2014



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