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Groovy, baby. New Zealand's Opossum is the brainchild* (*that's a stupid, overused word in band write-ups that involve one primary songwriter - I'm sorry to have succumed to it) of Kody Nielson - live, he has a crew of two others. Did you know Nielson's brother Ruben is in that other fine band, Unknown Mortal Orchestra? Now you do.

Opossum plays pretty damn delightful '60s inspired sunshine-y psych-pop that comes at you shaded in a bit of optimistic haze. And Opossum often has some good dance beats over these retro vibes of goodness too.

So this isn't the kind of psych that makes you want to sit in your shoebox of an apartment in the dark and watch your smoke slowly curl towards the paint-flaked ceiling. Hell, no. Opossum makes me want to put on those polyester pants and that floral patterned shirt I bought at the thrift store but never had the courage to wear, and go out and twist to this with a relaxed crowd of others under a swirling psychedelic light show. And our dancing won't stop until we all fall in love with each other. Now wouldn't you want to listen to a band that makes you want to do all that?

Opossum will do good things for your spirit - if you let them. So check out their full-length album "Electric Hawaii" we've got for you below these bold words and let the grooving come into your groovy soul, baby.

Published October 31, 2012



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