((Organs)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Organs play good old garage rock. Sweat. Riffs. Booze. Solos. Joy. You should know the drill by now (as you've had over 40 years to get into garage). Now, it's always difficult to write about good old garage rock bands because all I can ever think to say is something along the lines of, "this band seems to be having a good time up there and that means you probably will too." But I just don't know if saying that again is going to cut it with you. You need more. You deserve more.

Well, would it help if I said Organs have played shows with similarly sounding brethren, The Men? Not really? How about if I told you that there were three members in this band. Wait, don't even answer that one. What if I told you that Organs are from an obscure place called Brooklyn? Ok, ok. I'll stop.

But before I mercifully end this, allow me to leave you with two final thoughts: 1.) there's an Organs song for you below which I think you will enjoy and 2.) this band seems to be having a good time up there when they play and I bet that means if you go see them play you too will have a good time.

Sweat. Riffs. Booze. Joy.

Published December 5, 2012



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