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Written by Patrick McNamara

Three Americans (Tim on guitar/vocals! Matt on keys! Ben on bass!) and an Australian (Tim #2 on drums! and….violin?) moved to Montreal for school and started a band. They called themselves Ought and the rest is history. No? Ought formed in 2012. I do believe that’s in the past. And that’s all I meant by “history.” Want me to grab a dictionary?

You think that was a weird way to start a profile on this band, eh? Not really. It makes perfect sense. Because Ought is a weird band (segue!). Some may categorize these guys as “art rock” or “post punk” but I have been calling quirky catchiness like this “eccentro-pop” since 2004. Ten years later and I’m still waiting for that genre term to captivate the leading North American alt music blobs (got to include Canada, of course - Ought might get mad at me - oh yeah, and Mexico too). But when “eccentro-pop” explodes the zeitgeist, everybody better credit me. If it takes another ten years, so be it. I don’t have shit to do.

Credit Ought for being a good band, too (segue!). That’s really why we’re here today. I just wanted to tell you that this band is good. That’s all. Oh wait, and also that Ought’s warbled strung-out jingle jangle songs of delightful fury sound something like Talking Heads (who?) meets The Feelies (huh?) meets very early Sonic Youth when they were on Neutral Records (not familiar with either) meets Gang of Four (is that the band that sounds like Bare Naked Ladies?) meets Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (you know this is 2014 right, Whoa My Blobness?).

Ought released their debut full-length album out on Constellation Records. It’s called “More Than Any Other Day." It's good. And guess what? As of this writing (1:55 PM in the Year of Depend Adult Undergarment) the record is so new it came out TODAY, man. This means in approximately ten hours “More Than Any Other Day” will become a historic album.

Want me to grab a dictionary? (Rushmore!)

Published April 28, 2014



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