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Connecticut’s Ovlov (Volvo backwards - which is strange because I always wanted to start a band called Baaas*) is a trio of brothers - Steve (vocals/guitar), Theo (drums) and Jon Hartlett (bass). I’m glad they get along. Family is special. That’s why I always feel so special when I visit the Olive Garden. It’s not just about the breadsticks.

These Hartlett bros rock the early ‘90s alt guitar rock. It’s loud. And heavy. And the vocals are smooth and sweet. It’s a nice mix of noise and melody. Sounds good. Sign me up. What? You mean I don’t have to sign anything to like Ovlov? Even better! I hate signing things. First they want your signature, then they want your money, then they want to rule your world.

So....Ovlov. Comparisons can be made (and heard) to old bands like Nirvana and Hum and Swervedriver and Dinosaur Jr. And comparisons can also be made to fellow up-and-coming contemporaries like Speedy Ortiz and Roomrunner and their Exploding in Sound labelmates Two Inch Astronaut.

(please note: I just wrote a band profile for Two Inch Astronaut and I’m already starting to feel like I’m repeating myself in this profile - especially with the band comparisons thing - but I just wanted to let you know that I know and that I’m struggling with it and it hopefully should get resolved soon - maybe in the next paragraph.)

So Ovlov just, like, rock out. And they do so using crunchy grungy guitars. And it sounds good. And...this paragraph apparently isn’t going to be the one that turns this thing around. Maybe we should just call it. Wait. Stream this “Blue Baby” track first. Because it’s a good song. And then we’ll call it. Cool? Cool.

(*the other band I’m thinking of starting is called DROF - we’ll be a black metal band and we’ll rule your FACE).

Published May 28, 2013



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