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Written by Patrick McNamara

New York's Painted Zeros is a band who is a). good and b). one that I enjoy listening to. Therefore, I thought I'd make this profile for you and see if you might be interested in getting into an enjoyable good band too. Nobody asked me to or anything. I just did it.

The trio (Katie + Jared + Jim) play dream pop but the kind that's more raw and ramshackle than precious and delicate. Is there a kind of dream pop like that? I guess so because I'm listening to it. You've got your pretty melodies that you can certainly sing along to (how well you sing them is really up to your own skills and I have a lovely voice thanks for asking) but you've also got your angles and edges and scrapes and bruises and burns going on here. Glossy pop, this is not. Thank God.

The band has played out a bunch since forming a few years ago, including recent NYC dates with the following fine bands: Porches + Alvvays + Beliefs + Sunflower Bean + Frankie Cosmos + Crying + Big Ups + Quarterbacks + Izzy True + Cymbals Eat Guitars + I'm gonna stop with the name dropping now even though I barely started. This band is working hard out there. Maybe that's why they sound so good. Could there be a correlation between practice and perfecting a craft? That's a radical idea for headier IntraNet blobbers to debate and decide. I just blob here.

Painted Zeros most recent release is a four-song EP called “SVALBARD"* and the songs are quite good. And because I'm a guy who likes to give back when I encounter quite good things, I have conveniently provided the EP for your streaming pleasure below. All the songs are quite good (as mentioned) but if fourteen minutes is just a little more time than you can give to quite good things, I suggest you start with “Too Drunk" and delightfully stumble your way backwards from there.

This has been a profile of a band who is a). good and b). one I enjoy listening to and I hope it convinces you to c). join the Painted Zeros Appreciation Team.


*SVALBARD is also the name of an island somewhere in the Arctic - thanks, Wikipedia!

Published August 3, 2015



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