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Written by Patrick McNamara

Panchiko was a UK shoegaze band who released an EP called DEATHMETAL in 2000 that nobody bought or heard before the members broke up and moved on with their lives.

The band assumed the album had been forgotten, which it was, until someone found a copy in a record shop bin in 2016, loved it, and uploaded it to the Internet in hopes of finding out more about this excellent, mysterious group with no contact information or any identifying features other than the members' first names. Many other people loved it too and became fans willing to help the cause, but they couldn't find any info about the enigmatic band either.

After four years of collective sleuthing, someone finally tracked down one of the band members, Owain, in 2020. He had no clue about the effusive online buzz about his old high school (!) band or the coordinated effort to find him and assumed it was all a joke.

But it wasn't a joke. Taking full advantage of this fortuitous one-in-a-million twist of fate, Owain got his old mates back together and fast forward to present day Panchiko is now gearing up to play their first shows in over 20 years, including dates in America. And the dates are selling out.

All because someone happened to find a forgotten copy in a dusty record bin (listen to it below).

What a good story.

The Players:

Owain, Andy, Shaun and John

Published March 6, 2022



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