((Paper)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Paper is a super tight punk-wave (not sure that's a genre, but for today it is) trio from Stockholm, Sweden that sound like they could easily have been playing around town twenty-five years ago. Their melodic retro-ness seems to get Paper a lot of Joy Division comparisons. And while I do hear a little JD in these late '80s guitar riffs and synths, unlike Curtis and crew, Paper doesn't seem to have that perpetual rain cloud hanging over their heads.

These dudes certainly aren't all "Gee-golly-whiz-gosh!" about life, but with a guitar, keyboard and drum kit, Paper prefers the rock out to the sad out. (I was always a little bummed how much Joy Division preferred the sad out.)

But moving on, Paper features Calle Olsson of the formed-forever-ago Swedish band, The Bear Quartet, who you may or may not have loved once. It makes sense Olsson has been playing in bands for over two decades, because he and his mates don't hit a false note in their repertoire. This punk sounds effortless and that's the mark of true professionals. Get into them.
Published March 4, 2009



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