((Parts and Labor)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

New York's Parts and Labor make bagpipes rock like they've never rocked before. On their amazing split with Tyondai Braxton a couple years ago (Rise, Rise, Rise) what immediately set the band apart was their amazing implementation of those favorite Scottish pipes into their own blend of math-rock and electric beeps. Surprisingly this unlikely marriage worked and I was immediately hooked. Their latest and greatest album, "Stay Afraid," will propel these guys to new disturbing heights.

But bagpipes are only the beginning of this trio's instrumental arsenal. Keyboardist/electrician Dan Friel, bass player BJ Warshaw and drummer Christopher Weingarten twist things up so much that to call them post-rock, post-punk or even experimental would just confuse people. Instead, think June of 44 meets Can meets Hella meets Kraftwerk, complete with irrepressible catchiness and foot-bashing beats. Perhaps most notable of all, Parts and Labor twist and distort just enough to be challenging, yet carry through with a melody that ultimately makes them entirely accessible. Look out for these dudes.
Published April 22, 2009



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