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Montreal's Pat Jordache is an enchantingly quirky guy with a strange booming baritone that makes ramshackle lo-fi noise pop with slightly goth-y undertones. Let's just say this outright: Pat Jordache's music is weird. Definitely. And his jams give the overall feeling of sounding just sort of... broken; and that's what makes them sound so right. This guy is clearly on his own path.

A frequent tUnE-yArDs collaborator and an ex- Islands man, Jordache uses his past skills to pull out lots of jerry-rigged sound tricks which help to create the most bizarre melodies you will ever find yourself singing in the shower. This shouldn't be so catchy, because it's pretty crazy, but catchy this is.

Jordache has mentioned Ariel Pink as an influence, so if you're familiar with the mighty Pink's work, you're going to be on the right track to like this. But to my ears, this definitely sounds like uncharted pop territory. It's one thing to listen to something so uniquely bizarre. It's another thing to listen to something so uniquely bizarre and then want to play it again...and again... and again.

Whatever Pat Jordache is doing, not too many people are going to come along and try to replicate it. But with jams as strangely satisfying as this, you can be sure as hell the kids are going to try.

Shogun shodown by patJORDACHE
Published October 26, 2011



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