((PC Worship)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

PC Worship are a diabolic musical mash-up from the mind of NYC multi-instrumentalist Justin Frye. Experimental. Eclectic. Lo-fi. DIY. Whatever you want to call it. Just call it good. Because that’s what this is. These exploratory* songs drone along to Magic Land - an amusement park that only exists in the mind, man. Oh well. At least there are no long lines.

PC Worship have coolly been kicking ass in the shadows of basements and other ramshackle venues of ill repute for a few years now. A solo project initially, PC Worship are now a real live band with real human emotions and feelings. The lineup is Frye (vocals + guitars + piano + tape manipulation + electricity tricks + stuff from your junk drawer) + Michael Etten (guitars + sax) + Jordan Bernstein (bass) + Shannon Sigley (drums + vocals). That’s the crew that plays on “Social Rust” - the band’s upcoming album on Northern Spy Records.

Speaking of that album, here’s a new song from it. It’s called “Rust.” Prepare to spend some time with it. And I do suggest you blast it for the proper effect. Remember. Nobody ever got to Magic Land by playing anything at level 5.

(*i have no idea what "exploratory songs" means - it just sounded right at the time - please tell me not my faults - for I already know them.)

Published September 2, 2014



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