((Pet Moon)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Pet Moon is the project of Andrew Mears and company. Mears was in that band Foals (and boy, can you hear it in these guitars) and he's also heavily involved in Blessing Force, the Oxford (UK - as in England - not Mississippi - or the University of Kentucky) based music community that's been producing some pretty good bands like Chad Valley and Jonquil ... and Foals... and... well....Pet Moon. (I hear these localized music communities are also called "scenes.")

This band definitely has their Alt 'n B thing going on. Mears is one of those soulful falsetto crooners. That's a pretty Alt 'n B move. And Pet Moon's beats sometimes get pretty sexy, guys. Pretty, pretty, sexy. Pet Moon's album should come with a warning sticker, "Beware of the sexy beats." But no one would heed the warning - because no one buys albums anymore.

Pet Moon also incorporate some of those cool noodle-y guitars though. And that's not very Alt 'n B. That's just a straight up math-rock move. So who knows how to classify this band. Pet Moon may just be one of those bands that's an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in bacon. Why bacon? Because bacon rules. And so do Pet Moon. Listen to this jam and you'll come around.

Published December 12, 2012



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