((Photons)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Eight people in this band. Eight! This jolly collective from San Francisco plays sprawling (better be sprawling with a crew of 8) indie chamber-pop that sounds like a more rocking version of I'm From Barcelona (side note: where did that band run off to?). Dang (we'd say the other harder word for "dang," but Photons doesn't seem to be a band you curse around) there are a lot of instruments played here: glockenspiels, keys, bassoon, clarinet, lots of percussion, and of course bass, guitars and drums.

Now to us, big rock bands like this often just end up sounding like carnival music. And that's fine, but we're not particularly partial to the music played at carnivals (we guess the Tilt 'a Whirl theme is kinda cool). Thankfully, Photons doesn't sound like a carnival - you heard it here first.

Nope, Photons just sound like THE ROCK, but with some secret weapons in their arsenal (though glockenspiels aren't too secret anymore, are they?). Lead singer James Parrish has a pretty great voice, too. So that always helps. Anyway check these four dudes and four ladies out. Whew!
Published May 28, 2009



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