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Forget the deranged Japanese-anime-meets-your-favorite-sugar-cereal name, ok? I know it's hard, but just forget it! Pinkshinyultrablast (there's no way I am going to write that out again) if a female-fronted band that plays crazy good melodic noise pop that's a cross between My Bloody Valentine and Black Tambourine and, well, all those other bands that came later that wanted to sound like either MBV or Black Tambourine (there sure are a lot of them).

What's even crazier is that the crazy good noise this band makes is delivered from Russia, of all places. Well, I guess that shouldn't be too crazy. Russia's a big country, and I'm sure they have lots of Kevin Shields-friendly bands roaming around there. I've just never heard of any of them, nor has anyone I've ever known.

Speaking of hearing, I first heard of Pinkshinyultrablast while checking out the new and exceptional Holiday Records (a "free mp3-only" label run by the keen pop ear of Jacob Graham of The Drums) and I was hooked on this quicker than oatmeal covered with cocoa puffs.

Who knows if this band will ever tour our shores (Russia is a long ways away, don't you know), so writing this profile might all be for naught. But you know what's not for naught? Listening to their track "Blaster" on their MySpace page. That song rules.
Published June 3, 2010



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