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Written by Patrick McNamara

PINKWASH are a guitar/drums duo from PHILADELPHIA (as long as we’re all-caps-ing things) that wants to thrash your ass up. And you’re going to let them and love it because this is good "post sludge punk with some serious math prog vibrations." **

The players = drummer Ashley Arnwine (who also drums in Bleeding Rainbow - a good band I wrote about like four years ago) and singer/guitarist Joey Doubek (formerly of D.C. band Hume). And how the hell can only two humans make such a shredful noise, anyway? How? I will now tell you how. Through grit, hard work, and determination, old boy. Practice, practice, practice. That’s how you pulverize ‘em. Though PINKWASH may be a pretty new band, their shrieks and shreds have already won.

The band recently put out a five song EP that is brutally loud and lovely fun. You can totally stream the entire thing below. I suggest you start with track #1 and then proceed listening in this order: track #2, track #3, track #4, track #5. And then rewind and repeat until your neighbors finally lose their shit. Please note: this EP works best if you blast it.

RIYL: Black Sabbath and Lightning Bolt

File Under: Styx

** just make shit up and see what sticks

Published December 1, 2014



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